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I am a Project Manager and Software Engineer by profession and an avid hobbyist photographer in my free time. I live in Switzerland with my wife and our son. On this website, you can see a selection of my photos.
My main interest is people, usually in the context of environmental portraits, travel and documentary photography. I try to find answers for fundamental questions about being human: how are we all individually different but still bound in social groups? How do we forge different cultures that are created by us, but at the same time define us? 
Follow me on my adventures, trying to find answers (or sometimes questions) through the visual means of photography!
2013 - FIAP blue ribbon, Travel Digital Photo Salon (Hungary)
2013 - HONORIS FIAP, BARDAF DIPLOM (Leap), 2nd Bardaf International Exhibition (Slovaquie)
2013 - FPF Bronze Medal, 8° French Digital Tour - 19° Salon International de Foix (France)
2013 - YCCP Honorable mention, 9th Yuanlin International Exhibition of Photography (Taiwan)
2014 - UPI ribbon, MOF 2013 International Photography Exhibition (Turkey)
2014 - Honorable mention, International Circuit "8 Marzo Fotografia" 2° Trofeo Fotografi Vestri di Montevarchi (Italy)
2014 - FIAP bronze medal, International Circuit "8 Marzo Fotografia" 2° Trofeo Francesco Mochi di Montevarchi (Italy)
2014 - Diploma, 2nd Greek Photographic Circuit - Crete (Greece)
2014 - Diploma, 2nd Greek Photographic Circuit - Mykonos (Greece)
2016 - Salon gold medal, 71st Maitland International Salon of Photography (Australia)
2016 - PSA mention, 2nd Singidunum (Serbia)
2016 - Judges choice, Royal Bengal Art (India) 
2016 - Excellence FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique) distinction award. 
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